Monday, December 14, 2009

Yes, I have big feet.

I have size 10 feet. It's the biggest size that a lot of women's shoes come in, although in recent years you can actually get 11s and 12s from some stores. Now, since the population is getting taller, there seem to be more and more women with size 10 feet. This means there are never enough size 10 shoes to go around.

So, I can never buy shoes on sale, because by the time they are on sale, they are always sold out of my size. In fact, I often just can't buy shoes, because apparently they only get one pair of size 10s in of any given style. It's my theory that there are always a couple women with size 10 feet that work in every shoe store that get first dibs on those.

Anyways, whenever I see a pair of shoes I like, I ask the salesperson if I it comes in a size 10. Almost every time, they respond with "the biggest I have this one is a size 8.5?" (or 9 or whatever smaller size it is). Then, they look at me expectantly, like they're wondering if I'll take them up on their offer. Umm, sure, why don't I shove my giant foot into your too small shoe? I might hobble around and cripple myself, but what the heck.

I mean, I know people wear too small clothes all the time (that's another topic), but shoes? Seriously, is there anyone that can wear shoes that are actually 1-2 sizes too small?

I think I need a job in a shoe store.